Climate Change

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Health matters: air pollution

Summary Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK, as long-term exposure to air pollution can cause chronic conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory...

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Air quality: explaining air pollution

Poor air quality affects us all. It affects our health and has a cost for our society, our economy and the environment. Air quality in England has improved since the...

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Playing a role.

You, your friends and family Everyone can play a role in tackling climate change. You could commit to reducing the amount of food you waste, getting a smart meter, carrying a reusable bottle...

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Businesses and universities

Businesses and universities are important partners to drive the innovation we need for clean growth and tackling climate change such as developing the technology to charge electric vehicles more quickly....

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Green GB and NI Week 2018

Green GB & NI Week 2018 brought the whole country together to mark the 10 year anniversary of the Climate Change Act.Last year’s week saw over 100 events take place...

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Why act on climate change?

Overwhelmingly scientists agree that climate change is happening, with human activity as the main cause. Climate change is a result of rising levels of carbon dioxide, and other gases such...

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